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As a marketing coach for artist, it is always a pleasure for me to help in any way I can any type of artist. I believe that artists are the most important people on this planet and that it is my duty to help them succeed!

I am curious, which ability would you like to improve to be able to make a living as an artist?

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9 Ways to Be More Happy with Yourself as an Artist
Most people on this planet, if you ask them, will tell you that what they are looking for in life is: HAPPINESS! You probably have a similar goal and sometimes life has this not so...
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How to Have Better Focus as an Artist?
I believe that one of the main things in life that needs to be in place to be able to become successful at anything whatsoever is to learn to stay focused. Many artists and entrepreneurs...
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How to Make a Living as an Artist?
I believe that the question I get THE MOST from artists is: “How to make a living as an artist”? The art business is filled with online courses from professional artists...
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3 interesting reasons why Artists Already are In The Top 1% (surprisingly)
It’s funny because today it struck me… artists, who are actually making a living from their art, are a VERY small percentage of the population. Of course, I don’t have any statistics...
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