who is elie ?

my mission

My mission is very simple but very powerful:

I want to help EVERY artist on this planet to be able to make a living of their art no matter how hard it can be. I believe that the more artists we have, the better our society will be. Living from your art is possible with the right knowledge and certainty about sales, marketing and communication.

Extraordinary Experiences

I had the privilege to help many artists to start make a living from their art but also to make a better living from their art. Throughout the years I had amazing experiences, but there is one that I am the most proud of…

During the recent pandemic, I had the honour of helping some artists who were able, even with all the restrictions throughout the world, to continue making a living from their art. This is one of my greatest accomplishments because I was able to help these amazing artist to NOT go work in a retail store to survive, but instead, to continue creating to make a living as artists!

My Core Beliefs

I have some very important beliefs that I feel that every artists should understand: