Elie Castonguay

Elie Castonguay is a Canadian entrepreneur, marketing and art business coach, and he helps mainly artists by teaching them to make a living off their art. Within two years of starting his coaching business for artists, he was able to help many artists to double and even quadruple their number of clients. For over 10 years, Elie has been teaching artists precise sales and marketing strategies through his weekly coaching calls with them. He’s widely considered an expert at helping artists increase their prices and communicate to their target audience the right way. His life goal is to help every artist on this planet be able to make a living from their art. He donates much of his free time to helping his church and helping others to live a more sane and happier life! He loves spending time with his little girl Athena and his fiancé Caroline! 🖥️ Book a free ZOOM call with him: https://eliecastonguay.com/contact/

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Ep 4 How to do the slow and steady boring stuff to succeed

In this episode of the « Living from your art » podcast, I talk about the importance of doing the slow and steady boring stuff. Success does not always depends on a very high creativity because sometimes, the person willing to be persistent at doing the boring stuff that others are not willing to do will win the game. Making a living from your art takes hard work and dedication but I believe in you and am certain that you can make it! 🙂

How to Have Better Focus as an Artist?

Is it possible to focus ONLY on your art even with all the distractions of the world? Also, can you use art to focus more on the right things in your life as an artist?

I believe that one of the main things in life that needs to be in place to be able to become successful at anything whatsoever is to learn to stay focused.
Many artists and entrepreneurs can have millions of creative ideas, but the only way to accomplish anything related to those particular ideas, is to actually be productive!

3 interesting reasons why Artists Already are In The Top 1% (surprisingly)

It’s funny because today it struck me… artists, who are actually making a living from their art, are a VERY small percentage of the population. Of course, I don’t have any statistics or very advanced survey to know that this is a fact. But, I’ve been working as an art business coach for artists long enough to know these things. The fact that it struck me today is not the most important thing, instead what really got my attention was that, I am not sure that the actual artists who ARE making a living from their art, are actually aware of this…