16 Best New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Artists in 2024

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As the calendar turns a new leaf, artists are presented with an opportune moment to introspect and set forth resolutions that promise growth and enrichment in their creative endeavors. Let’s delve into 16 inspiring New Year’s resolution ideas tailor-made for artists in 2024, accompanied by detailed explanations and illustrative examples to guide you on your artistic journey.


1. Practice Being Nicer With Others:

In the pursuit of artistic excellence, fostering a harmonious and supportive environment is paramount. Taking the time to engage in positive interactions with fellow artists, collaborators, and enthusiasts not only creates a pleasant atmosphere but can also lead to collaborative opportunities. For instance, offering constructive feedback on a peer’s work or expressing gratitude for shared insights contributes to a culture of camaraderie within the art community.


2. Start Your Own Art Business:

Elevate your art from a hobby to a profession by embarking on the entrepreneurial path. Establishing your own art business involves creating a brand identity, setting up an online presence, and perhaps even participating in local art fairs. By doing so, you not only gain autonomy over your artistic career but also open avenues for financial sustainability and wider exposure.
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3. Get a Better Posture While Working:

Prioritizing physical well-being is a holistic approach to sustaining creativity. Consider adopting ergonomic furniture, like an adjustable desk or a supportive chair, to enhance your workspace. Maintaining good posture not only prevents health issues such as back pain but also contributes to sustained focus during extended art-making sessions.


4. Learn a New Craft:

Expanding your artistic repertoire can invigorate your creative spirit. Venturing into a new craft or medium, whether it’s sculpting, digital art, or textile work, not only keeps your skills sharp but also provides a fresh perspective on your primary medium. For instance, a painter exploring photography may discover unique ways to play with light and composition.


5. Write Your Dream Goals For The Future:

Transcend abstract aspirations by articulating and documenting your long-term artistic goals. Whether it’s exhibiting at a prestigious gallery, publishing a book, or creating a public art installation, putting your dreams into words provides a roadmap for your artistic journey. This written declaration can serve as a motivational anchor, guiding your steps toward tangible achievements.


6. Network With More Artists:

Building a robust network within the art community is a catalyst for growth and exposure. Attend art exhibitions, join online forums, and participate in collaborative projects to expand your circle. Networking not only exposes you to diverse perspectives but can also lead to collaborative ventures, such as co-curating an exhibition with fellow artists.


7. Create a List of Your Raving Fans:

Recognize and appreciate those who resonate with your art. Cultivating a list of dedicated followers, or “raving fans,” involves engaging with your audience on social media, responding to comments, and perhaps even hosting exclusive events for your supporters. By doing so, you not only nurture a community around your work but also create ambassadors who eagerly share and promote your art.


8. Read More Books:

Broaden your creative horizons by immersing yourself in literature related to art. Reading books on art history, theory, and various genres can offer profound insights. For instance, exploring the works of art critics or delving into the biographies of renowned artists can deepen your understanding of the artistic landscape and influence your own creative expression.


9. Take a Marketing Class For Artists:

Sharpen your business acumen by enrolling in a marketing class tailored for artists. Learning the fundamentals of branding, social media promotion, and audience engagement equips you with the tools to navigate the competitive art market. For instance, understanding how to leverage Instagram or create an effective artist website can significantly enhance your online presence.
With my 1-on-1 Sales and Marketing coaching for artists you are guarantee to get better at selling your art, try it, we’ll have fun together! 🙂


10. Eat More Fresh Vegetables:

Prioritizing physical health is an often-overlooked aspect of the artist’s lifestyle. Incorporating a variety of fresh vegetables into your diet not only supports overall well-being but can also positively impact your energy levels and cognitive function. For example, creating a weekly meal plan that includes colorful salads, vegetable stir-fries, and smoothies ensures a nutrient-rich diet that fuels your creative endeavors.


11. Start an Art Business Club:

Foster a sense of community by initiating an art business club. This collaborative space allows artists to share experiences, resources, and insights. For instance, organizing monthly meet-ups or virtual sessions where members discuss marketing strategies, share exhibition opportunities, or provide constructive feedback on each other’s projects can create a supportive ecosystem for collective growth.


12. Call Your Clients More Often:

Strengthening client relationships involves proactive communication. Consider making regular phone calls to your clients, not just for business transactions but also to express appreciation for their support. For instance, a personalized thank-you call after a successful collaboration or the completion of a commissioned piece can deepen the connection and lead to repeat business or referrals. In one of the chapters of my book called “Living From Your Art”, I explain in details exactly how to become more comfortable in making phone calls to clients.


13. 10X Your Production Level:

Challenge yourself to elevate your creative output to new heights. Setting ambitious production goals encourages you to refine your artistic workflow, experiment with time-saving techniques, and explore new ways to boost productivity. For example, breaking down larger projects into smaller, manageable tasks and setting daily or weekly production targets can help you stay focused and consistently produce high-quality work.


14. Organize Your Time Better:

Efficient time management is a cornerstone of a productive artistic practice. Implementing time-saving techniques, such as creating a detailed schedule, setting deadlines for projects, and utilizing productivity tools, can significantly enhance your creative output. For instance, adopting the Pomodoro Technique, which involves short bursts of focused work followed by brief breaks, can optimize your time while preventing burnout.


15. Make Sure Your Environment is in Order:

Crafting in a well-organized and inspiring workspace is conducive to creativity. Decluttering your studio, arranging art supplies systematically, and incorporating elements that inspire you, such as artwork or plants, can create an environment that nurtures your creative spirit. For example, arranging your paint brushes in jars, organizing canvases by size, and ensuring good lighting can enhance the overall functionality and aesthetics of your workspace.


16. Communicate More With Your Spouse:

Balancing personal and professional life requires open communication with your life partner. Sharing your artistic journey, discussing challenges, and celebrating successes together strengthens your support system. For example, scheduling regular “creative check-ins” where you share your artistic goals, upcoming projects, and potential challenges allows your spouse to understand your commitments and actively support your artistic pursuits.

Embark on the new year with these resolutions as guiding beacons, paving the way for a year of creativity, productivity, and fulfillment in your artistic endeavors. Happy creating!

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