6 Ways to Build Self Confidence in Yourself as an Artist

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Embarking on the artistic journey is a profound exploration of self-expression and creativity. Yet, the path to becoming a confident artist often faces obstacles in the form of self-doubt. Building self-assurance is crucial for artists to unlock their full potential. In this extended blog post, we’ll delve into each of the six effective ways to boost your confidence without delving into the realm of feedback and mindfulness, providing practical exercises applicable to artists in any medium.

1. Celebrate Your Unique Journey:

Exercise 1: Artistic Timeline

– Create a visual or written timeline showcasing significant moments in your artistic journey. Reflect on how each experience, no matter how small, has contributed to your growth.

Exercise 2: Personal Symbolism

– Develop a personal symbol or motif that represents your artistic evolution. Incorporate this symbol into your current projects to reinforce the idea that your journey is a continuous, unique narrative.

Exercise 3: Progress Journal

– Maintain a progress journal where you document achievements, big or small. Regularly revisit and update it, acknowledging the steps you’ve taken and the skills you’ve developed.

2. Own Your Style with Pride:

Exercise 1: Style Exploration

– Dedicate time to experiment with different techniques or approaches within your chosen medium. Identify elements that resonate with you and incorporate them into your artistic repertoire.

Exercise 2: Creative Manifesto

– Develop a creative manifesto that outlines the core principles of your artistic style. Refer to it as a guiding document when faced with creative decisions, reinforcing your commitment to your unique approach. Your purpose as an artist should be very clear in that manifesto; I talk about that subject in a lot more details in my book called “Living From Your Art” (Available on Amazon).

Exercise 3: Portfolio Review

– Review your past works and identify recurring themes or elements that define your style. Use this self-awareness to consciously integrate and refine these aspects in future projects.

3. Break Down Projects into Achievable Tasks:

Exercise 1: Task Breakdown Chart

– Create a visual chart for your ongoing project, breaking down the major components into smaller, manageable tasks. Tick off each task upon completion to visually track your progress.

Exercise 2: Time-Boxed Sessions

– Set specific time intervals for focused work on your project. This technique, known as time-boxing, helps prevent overwhelm and allows you to concentrate on one task at a time.

Exercise 3: Daily Goals List

– Establish a list of daily goals related to your artistic projects. Keep these goals realistic and achievable, ensuring that each completed task contributes to the overall advancement of your work.

4.Set Realistic Milestones:

Exercise 1: Milestone Planning

– Outline a roadmap for your artistic endeavors, incorporating achievable milestones. Break down long-term goals into smaller, manageable steps, ensuring a steady progression.

Exercise 2: Goal Reflection

– Regularly reflect on your goals, assessing their attainability and relevance. Adjust as needed to align with your evolving artistic aspirations, allowing for flexibility and adaptation.

Exercise 3: Accountability Partner

– Share your artistic goals with a trusted friend or fellow artist. Establish regular check-ins to discuss progress, providing mutual support and encouragement to stay on track. This aspect of being accountable to someone is such an important matter. I go into more details about this in my book “Living From Your Art”.

5. Immerse Yourself in Creation:

Exercise 1: Artistic Flow Session

– Dedicate a specific time for uninterrupted artistic creation. Disconnect from distractions, allowing yourself to immerse fully in the act of making art without overthinking.

Exercise 2: Random Creativity Prompts

– Use random prompts, such as words or images, to initiate spontaneous creative sessions. This encourages exploration and helps break free from self-doubt by fostering a playful and experimental mindset.

Exercise 3: Artistic Rituals

– Develop pre-creation rituals that signal the start of your artistic process. This could be listening to specific music, engaging in a brief meditation, or creating a simple warm-up exercise. Rituals create a conducive mental space for confident creation.

6. Build a Supportive Artistic Community:

Exercise 1: Virtual Artistic Hangouts

– Engage in online forums, social media groups, or virtual artistic meet-ups to connect with a diverse community of artists. Share experiences, seek advice, and offer support to foster a sense of belonging.

Exercise 2: Collaborative Projects

– Initiate or join collaborative projects with fellow artists. Working together not only builds a supportive community but also provides opportunities for shared growth and learning.

Exercise 3: Peer-to-Peer Feedback Sessions

– Organize informal feedback sessions with peers, where artists can discuss their work, share insights, and provide constructive criticism. This reciprocal exchange helps cultivate a positive and constructive artistic environment.


Cultivating self-confidence as an artist is an ongoing journey, and these practical exercises offer tangible ways to implement the six universal principles. Celebrate your unique journey, take pride in your style, break down projects into achievable tasks, set realistic milestones, immerse yourself in the act of creation, and build a supportive community. By incorporating these exercises into your artistic routine, you empower yourself to embrace your artistry with confidence, trusting in your ability to evolve and grow on your unique artistic path, regardless of your chosen medium or discipline. If you want even MORE tips on how to have more self-confidence as an artist, I invite you to read my other article called here.

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