7 Ways To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions as An Artist

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Hey, artists! The New Year is here, and it’s time to step up your game. Forget about resolutions that fade away like yesterday’s news. I’m talking about dominating your artistic journey and leaving a legacy. In this blog post, I’m giving you seven power-packed strategies to ensure you not only set resolutions but crush them with the force of a freight train. Get ready to dominate your craft and make 2024 your year of artistic conquest. If you don’t have any new year’s resolutions, then I invite you to first read my 2 articles about the best new year’s resolutions for artists, here and here.

1. Set Insanely Ambitious Goals:

Resolutions? That’s child’s play. Think bigger, aim higher, and set goals that make others question if you’re out of your mind. Don’t settle for mediocrity; demand excellence. For example, if your goal is to create one artwork per week, amp it up to ten. Strive for exhibitions in renowned galleries, and set your sights on being a force to be reckoned with in the art world. In my book called “Living From Your Art” (Available on Amazon), I talk a lot more about the importance of setting goals to be able to succeed as an artist.

2. Execute a Tactical Offensive Plan:

Forget about structured plans; I’m talking about a tactical offensive. Develop a plan that’s not just structured but a full-blown attack on the art scene. Break down your goals into ruthless, relentless actions. Every stroke, every color, every detail is a strategic move in your masterpiece battle plan. Execute with precision, and victory will be inevitable. As an example, if your goal is to master a new technique, break it down into specific daily practices and execute them with unwavering commitment.

3. No Time for Weak Routines:

Routines? Please. You need a daily warpath. Wake up early and attack your canvas with the ferocity of a hungry lion. Your routine should be a relentless assault on your artistic limits. There’s no time for breaks; every moment is a chance to conquer. Establish dominance over your craft, and let the world witness your unyielding commitment to excellence. For instance, set a daily schedule where you dedicate the first two hours of your day solely to your art, ensuring an uninterrupted focus on your craft.

4. Demand Accountability from the Elite:

Share your resolutions with the elite, the ones who understand the art of conquest. Surround yourself with warriors who will hold you accountable. Art groups? Nah, build a coalition of artists ready to conquer the art scene with you. Forge alliances with those who demand excellence, and together, you’ll dominate the artistic battlefield. An example could be forming a mastermind group with fellow artists who share similar ambitions, regularly checking in on each other’s progress and holding each other accountable. In the chapter called “Be Accountable to Someone” from my book “Living From Your Art”, I go into more details about the importance of having someone to check on you from time to time.

5. Mastery Through Aggressive Learning:

Continuous learning? That’s not enough. Strive for mastery through aggressive learning. Crush workshops, obliterate online courses, and annihilate any obstacle that stands in the way of your artistic dominance. Learn, adapt, and emerge as a creative powerhouse that commands respect and admiration. As an example, commit to attending at least one art workshop or intensive course every quarter, ensuring a continuous and aggressive pursuit of new knowledge and skills.

6. Celebrate Triumphs Like a Champion:

Milestones aren’t just checkpoints; they’re victories in your conquest. Celebrate them like a champion on a podium. Shout it from the rooftops, let the world know that you’re not just an artist; you’re a conquering force. Every completed piece, every conquered technique – celebrate them like the triumphant warrior you are. For example, create a victory ritual for each completed artwork, whether it’s a personal celebration or sharing it with your social media followers.

7. Adapt, Conquer, and Reign Supreme:

Adaptability is the mark of a true conqueror. If your resolutions need adjustment, don’t hesitate to make the call. The art world is your kingdom, and you’re the ruler. Adapt, conquer new territories, and reign supreme. Your artistic journey is a relentless campaign, and you are the undisputed champion. An example could be reassessing your goals quarterly and adjusting them based on your evolving artistic vision and external factors, ensuring you stay on the path of dominance.


The time for resolutions is over; it’s time for domination. Crush your artistic goals, obliterate the competition, and make 2024 the year you ascend to artistic greatness. This isn’t just about resolutions; this is about dominating your craft and leaving an indelible mark on the world. Get ready to conquer, create, and reign supreme!

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