3 interesting reasons why Artists Already are In The Top 1% (surprisingly)

It’s funny because today it struck me… artists, who are actually making a living from their art, are a VERY small percentage of the population.

Of course, I don’t have any statistics or very advanced survey to know that this is a fact. But, I’ve been working as an art business coach for artists long enough to know these things.

The fact that it struck me today is not the most important thing, instead what really got my attention was that, I am not sure that the actual artists who ARE making a living from their art, are actually aware of this…

#1: You know, in life, when there is a scarcity of something, it is worth more and it is usually seen as “more important” to the majority.

Gold, diamonds, collectibles, toilet paper (pandemic created new priorities lol), you name it, are all on the list.

But what about artists…?

What about the people who are courageous enough to push forward, out of their comfort zones, by advertising their creations and talents? What about them…?

Are they scarce enough so that we realize that they have a big role to play in our society? Actually, do THEY realize that they are scarce?

That’s what struck me today. I was uncertain that the artists, who are used to living from their art, actually realize the HUGE role they have for society.

Of course, we could talk about how surgeons and doctors and nurses are important because they save lives; and that is very true!

But who are the people who actually make people happy and help them BEFORE they have to see the doctors, surgeons or nurses?

The artists.

They are on television, on the radio, in paintings, in live shows, in schools, in libraries, in the streets… they are everywhere. I personally believe that happiness can cure all ills if we become happy sooner than later. Of course, I know that sometimes the medical field has to be there to help; I know what I am talking about as my mother recently died from cancer.

But what I mean is that aren’t we healthier when we are happy? Think about this for a second. Remember a moment when you were TRULY happy, not because of a new car or a new computer or because of a destination… but truly happy inside of you!

Think about that moment and I am sure that you were not even feeling your body because you had too much happiness inside of you. I know the kids can feel this. My little Athena who is 8 months as I am writing this is constantly in exultation and jumps everywhere while smiling all the time. This is true happiness!

#2: Artists are here to help.

They bring joy and happiness and even help people think about current situations in the world so they could see problems from a new angle.

Having coached many artists to promote their art and services, I can tell you that they all want to change the world, they all want to help others live a happier life. But most of the time, they don’t know how to reach enough people to be able to fulfill that purpose.

This is the reason I started doing what I do. Because I believe that artists are the most important people on this planet, I HAD to help them understand the actions necessary to make a living from their art.

With this higher purpose in mind, I was able to be courageous enough to write my FIRST book called “Living From Your Art” and to publish it through Amazon self-publishing service. You can get it here:  https://amzn.to/3LmTDmG

#3: My goal with this article is to actually help artists realize that, if they are working as an artist or if they are pushing very hard to be able to live from their art, then, they are part of a very tiny portion of the population.

What does that mean exactly?

That means that they have to understand that they have a big role to play and that to be able to fulfill this obligation, they have to get themselves out there even MORE!

There is a book from a professional sales trainer that is called “The 10X Rule” https://amzn.to/3SgLdQb and it explains how we should make 10 times more efforts than we think to be able to succeed. This concept really stuck to my mind when I was starting in the art business coaching field and allowed me to have clients very fast. I am certain you can do the same.

A mindset is something that most self-improvement books talk about but there is a reason why and it is because… IT IS CRUCIAL to succeed!

Our mind can play some very tricky games on us if we don’t learn to think in big enough quantities of actions, so make sure to have a look at his book as well, it will change the way you look at work and at life in general.

Thanks for reading my thoughts of the day!

I am certain that you will find a way to grasp this concept that you are a scarce portion of the population and that it is your ROLE to help others by making them happier with your art!

Until next time, stay creative, keep pushing and don’t let others stop you from doing what you were meant to do as artists!

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-Élie Castonguay
Art Business Coach
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