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Book description:

Is it possible for ANY artist to make a living from their art…?

YES, it is!

Let me show you how you can sell your art and create a profitable art business.

That is why I wrote this book to help small business owners to alleviate the possible hurdles to price and sell their art. This short book is filled with actionable and practical advice that teaches you how to sell your art and not feel ashamed. The question I get the most as a marketing coach for artists is: “How can I make a living from my art?”.

You will learn how to put yourself out there and let go of perfectionism, so this book will become your ally and game changer!

This book is for you only if you are ready to eliminate excuses you have in your mind that stops you from starting that business and finally earning what your talent is worth. Making a living off your art takes hard work and dedication, but with the right strategies, you will attain your goal faster than you think!

You will learn better and more valuable ways to market your work while staying true to yourself.

  • Living from Your Art will change the way you think and make yourself a better artist/entrepreneur.
  • Living from Your Art will help you break the “starving artist” myth with very tangible advice and direction in a practical, digestible way.
  • Living from Your Art will teach you how to make a living doing what you love because your art brings something important and special to the world.

about the author:

elie castonguay in a rounc

Elie Castonguay is a Canadian entrepreneur, marketing and art business coach, and he helps mainly artists by teaching them to make a living off their art. Within two years of starting his coaching business for artists, he was able to help many artists to double and even quadruple their number of clients.

For over 6 years, Elie has been teaching artists precise sales and marketing strategies through his weekly coaching calls with them. He’s widely considered an expert at helping artists increase their prices and communicate to their target audience the right way.

His life goal is to help every artist on this planet be able to make a living from their art. And the only reason he was able to help so many artists is because of his sister – Catherine – and his fiancé – Caroline – whom both believed in him enough to convince him to start coaching artists.

He donates much of his free time to helping his church and helping others to live a more sane and happier life! He loves spending time with his little girl Athena and his fiancé Caroline!

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