Ep 6 How to be on the same page than your loved one as an artist

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In this episode of the « Living from your Art » podcast, I talk about how to be on the same page than your loved one.

Taking the decision of being a full time artist requires a lot of hard work and dedication and it is very important that the person sharing your life with you is in agreement about all of this.


Welcome to the episode number 6 the Living from Your Art podcast. This is your host Elie Castonguay and I’m so happy to speak with you today. Happy Easter everyone, it was a great weekend and I wanted to speak to you today about a very important thing, if you are going to become a full-time artist or full-time entrepreneur.

Because when you decide to do this, you have to be on the same page as your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, even kids!

If you are a full-time artist, sometimes you have some more rough moments, if I could say. So, you really have to be aligned with your goals and purposes with your wife or your husband or the person you are into a relationship with. Because if the other person doesn’t understand why or doesn’t understand your reasons for wanting to be a full-time artist, and if she finds that it’s just a hobby and that you should not like invest time and money on it. Then you’re going to hit some walls and you’re going to have less power, less thrust to move forward and to become a full-time artist.

This is really simple, but at the same time, it can become like a nightmare if you are not on the same page regarding this. So, what I would recommend is that if you don’t have a wife or husband or boyfriend or girlfriend and if you are going to look for one. Make sure, even before you sleep with the person, make sure to talk enough and ask enough questions and be interested enough to make sure that the other person actually accept that you are an artist, that you want to live from this, and that you’re going to make some sacrifice for this.

Because when you start and when you really push hard to become a full-time artist, you’re going to make sacrifices, you’re going to miss some parties, you’re going to miss some family reunions, you’re going to miss lots of stuff.

So, if the other person is not in agreement with this, then you know it’s not the right person. It’s the same thing if you already have a wife or a husband or a girlfriend or boyfriend. I’m not telling you to leave this person if they’re not in agreement. But I’m telling you to actually speak with them because if you’re not a full-time artist and you’re an accountant for example and you want to become a full-time artist, then you have to tell your loved one that you want to switch and you don’t switch from one day to the other.

You actually work on it while you work at your other job for a while and eventually, when your income is growing, you can quit the other job. So, make sure to talk about this and to talk about your goal and why you want to do this and why you will be more fulfilled, happier, et cetera.

Talk and ask questions and ask your husband or wife if they agree with this, and if they have some conditions or restrictions for you for doing this; and it’s okay because you are a team.

If you are a team, if you are married, well, you are even a stronger team because you accepted to be with the other person for the rest of your life. So, make sure that both of you agree on some points regarding this. It truly goes back to communication and being really open about what you want to do, why you want to do it and having the other person’s opinion. And if the other person’s opinion is like shit, and like: “F*** you, you’ll never be a full-time artist and it’s just a hobby…” and if it is really deep in your heart that you really want to do this and the other person is really, really against it, then you decide what you do with your couple.

I’m not here to tell you what to do, but following your purpose in life is something really, really important. And sometimes, if your loved one is really against it or is simply putting some barriers in front of you to attain this, then you have to see for yourself if it’s the right person or if you have to change some things in your couple to be able to do this.

But anyway, the main thing to remember is that when you want to become a full-time artist, you have to make sure that the other person, who is sharing your life, is on the same page and is actually helping you. If she can, that would be the ideal scene if she helps you to get there. But at least if she can encourage you and help you promote your art, that would be a good start. But if, at least, she understands and lets you do your magic and achieve your goals, that’s a really, really important factor.

Actually, if this is not the case, if she’s against it, I’m sorry to tell you this, but you’ll never make it because it will be only deception, on deception, on deception, on deceptions and invalidation. The person is going to tell you: “You’re no good, you don’t make money, you’re not helping the family”.

So, make sure to not have this in your environment to be able to succeed as a full-time artist.

So that was it for today. I hope that you will find something useful in this to help you in your endeavor regarding your couple and being a full-time artist.
If ever you need more help, send me an email a: elie@livingfromyourart.com and I would love to help you. I’m a full time marketing coach for artists and I’ve been doing this for years. My best pay is to see an artist become happy and fulfilled and earning a full-time income from his art. This is my best pay because that’s my purpose in life.

So be great, be creative, continue pushing towards your dream and you’ll make it. Let’s talk soon. Bye.

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