Ep 9 How to NOT get caught up in the middle class game as an artist

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In this episode of the « Living from your Art » podcast, I talk about the importance of not being caught up into playing the middle class game!

If you want to make sure to make a living off your art, it is CRUCIAL to understand what is the middle class and to stay away from it by all means.


Welcome back to another episode of the “Living From Your Art” podcast with your host Elie Castonguay. This morning I have a particular subject that I want to speak to you about and it’s about “not getting caught” in the middle class game, if I could say.

Yeah, it’s a game! So, if ever you want to succeed as an artist and become a full-time artist living from your art (and comfortably living!) and make and having great success. 

Well, I’m sorry to tell you this, but you will have to make sure to not be, taken in the middle class game. 

What I mean by this is that the middle class: “going out with the family every weekend, every night, watching Netflix, having the house for the weekend to go swimming, buying a boat, buying all these fancy stuff and not working too much and making sure to fit in everywhere you go. You know what I mean?

The kind of structure that the vast majority of society is stuck in that middle class situation! One of my mentor, Grant Cardone, he speaks about the middle class very, very often. I highly recommend that you listen to his podcast; it’s called The Cardone Zone.

The middle class will eat all of your time away! 

So if you try to actually be a very productive person and never stop being productive and going towards your goals, depending on who you hang out with, you could be stopped by the middle class game. Because most of the time it’s other people from this specific category, the middle class, that will actually tell us: “Oh, you work too much. Do you think you should really work? Like always on the weekends, I think you should spend more time with your family. Relax, you’re going to get a burn out. I got a burn out and now I’m on medication.” etc…

And so these are bad people to hang out with. 

I don’t mean that they are bad people but these are bad people to hang out with if you want to be successful in life, like in art or anything else. Actually, every time that you don’t fit in a specific structure or pedigree or character that is not related to the middle class and that you hang out with middle class people, they will let you know that you’re not supposed to do this. You’re not supposed to act like this.

It’s a little bit of a rant this morning because, the middle class is everywhere. We just had a newborn, right? So, when you have a newborn, you’re supposed to not sleep well, but we are sleeping well and everything’s going well, you know. So, there are some specific steps in the middle class that you’re supposed to follow and if you don’t want to follow it, and if you want to go towards your dreams, then I highly recommend that you do it. 

Because you will be stopped anyway by this kind of mentality of the middle class that is here to stop any kind of progress. 

All they want is to have their little home in the suburbs, to have their car, their brand-new car of the year, to have their home in the country so they can go swimming to the lake, to have their yearly vacations in the south, to have their bottle of wine every evening, to read their newspaper, to watch their news.

You see, if you are doing some of this stuff, sometimes it’s okay, but if it’s like a structure that you have in your life and that some people are trying to impose to you in your life, that will stop your dreams, that will stop all your actions towards your dreams.

So, make sure to observe this! Make sure to maybe read some articles from Grant Cardone, about the middle class. 

I think you will have some more understanding about what it is and what it does and what it eats and all of that jazz. So, that’s about it!

Middle class will crush your dreams as an artist. So, make sure to NOT go into this kind of mentality and make sure to actually see it when you see it, and just be creative and don’t care about what others are saying about your own dreams and own actions.

Love you guys! Stay creative! That was my podcast/rant from this morning. And if ever you want to talk with me, speak with me, work with me, send me an email at: elie@livingfromyourart.com. It will be a pleasure to help you to make a living from your art. Talk to you soon.

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